Professional testimonials:

“We sought help due to lockdown exacerbating existing issues of anxiety and emotional (dys)regulation in our children. Sabbir was able to provide us with the tools to help our children with these issues, and also reassure us that these could be overcome using the tools and with patience.

Sabbir was very patient with both us and our children. He was very friendly and our children felt comfortable talking to him. He was very attentive when we were talking and was always engaged. We have integrated the tools he has taught us into our everyday behaviour which has helped our children a lot; I would highly recommend him as he has been a great help to us”

– Aftab Sarwar, London.

“I’ve been seeing Sabbir for the past 6 months; I must say, at first, I had my doubts about yet another round of talking-therapy sessions after having been through a full course of CBT and having tried out a full course of CBT and EMDR therapy, with disappointing results.

Through a lot of consistent, patient and perservering work in areas such as negative self talk, struggles with low self-esteem, guilt over past mistakes and the people in my life whom I negatively affected, with Sabbir’s help I have made great strides in the right direction.”

– Imran Hussain, London.