Sabbir had helped me take my confidence and my mental health to another level. He helped me find patterns in my thinking and helped me find belief in myself when I had lost it.

This has helped me as an entrepreneur and in my relationships. Most importantly it has helped in the relationship with myself so I know I can go out and make my dreams a reality with more confidence in my journey.

Thank you Sabbir for impacting my life which in turn has impacted the lives of my family, employees and clients.

I truly cannot say enough about how therapy with Sabbir has helped me. Sabbir creates space for you to explore more effective ways of thinking about the important problems in your life, while also validating the difficulty of those problems in the present moment.

I continue to find great comfort in knowing that on a weekly basis I can consult a highly skilled psychotherapist about how to best process the most difficult thoughts and feelings in my life.

With Sabbir’s continued support and guidance, I am better at dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, have improved the quality of the most important relationships in my life, and have finally clarified and made progress towards my personal and professional goals.
If you are someone serious about improving your mental health and wellbeing, I highly recommend working with Sabbir.

I want to express my deep appreciation for the transformative experience I've had working with Sabbir as my therapist for the past two years.

Sabbir's professionalism and expertise have been instrumental in creating a supportive environment where I could explore and navigate various aspects of my life.

What sets Sabbir apart is his commitment to empowering his clients. He provides practical tools and strategies that extended beyond our sessions, contributing significantly to my personal growth and resilience in everyday life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sabbir to anyone seeking a skilled and compassionate therapist.

His impact on my well-being has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the positive changes he has helped me achieve.

Thank you, Sabbir, for your dedication and support.

"We sought help due to lockout exacerbating existing issues of anxiety and emotional regulation in our children.
Sabbir was able to provide us with the tools to help our children with these issues and also reassure us that these could be overcome using the tools and with patience.

Sabbir was very patient with both us and our children. He was very friendly and our children felt comfortable talking to him. He was very attentive when we were talking and was always engaged.

We have integrated the tools he has taught us into our everyday behaviour which has helped our children a lot, I would highly recommend him as he has been a great help to us!"
Aftab Sarwar
Finance Controller (Ford Motor Company)