Couples Counselling & Therapy

Couple and family therapy – an introduction:

Couple and family therapy – an introduction: 

Couples therapy helps partners to express their feelings and vulnerabilities to one another, in lieu of behaviours which can harm the relationship further.

The objective of couple/family therapy is to reduce distress and conflict through the improvement of interactions between family members.



Marriage and Relationship Issues:

  • “How can we stop arguing?” 
  • “He/she won’t listen to me”
  • “We aren’t getting on and we don’t know why”
  • “I can’t get past his/her affair”
  • “Things changed after we had kids”

...sounds familiar?

Relationships are wonderful when you find someone you connect with: a relationship can feel romantic, exciting and all-consuming. There is nothing more beautiful or satisfying than it.

However, relationships are also hard; they take time to develop, in addition to hard work.

After I trained as a psychotherapist, I studied a clinical diploma in systemic and family psychotherapy, at St George’s Hospital (London). Thereafter, I have been working with couples and families for many years as an area of personal interest.

As an experienced couple therapist, I take a nonbiased position between couples and help them to express their feelings and vulnerabilities to each other, in lieu of behaviours detrimental to the relationship.