Couples Counselling & Therapy

Couples therapy: 

Couples therapy (also known as couples counselling) is an approach to therapy, where partners within a relationship can address and resolve challenges and difficulties they face within their relationship.

Depending on your specific circumstances as a couple, the specific goals and objectives of couples therapy may vary.

Couples therapy provides a safe space, which helps partners to express their feelings and vulnerabilities to one another, in lieu of behaviours which can cause further harm to the relationship.

The objective of couples therapy is to reduce distress and conflict through the improvement of interactions within a romantic relationship.

As a psychotherapist, my role here is to facilitate a neutral, nonbiased environment where you and your partner can communicate effectively with each other.

Marriage and Relationship Issues:

                  • “How can we stop arguing?” 
                  • “He/she won’t listen to me”
                  • “We aren’t getting on and we don’t know why”
                  • “I can’t get past his/her affair”
                  • “Things changed after we had kids”

...sound familiar?

Relationships are wonderful when you find someone you connect with: a relationship can feel romantic, exciting and all-consuming. There is nothing more beautiful or satisfying than it.

However, relationships are also hard; they take time to develop, in addition to hard work.

After I trained as a psychotherapist, I studied a clinical diploma in systemic and family psychotherapy, at St George’s Hospital (London). Thereafter, I have been working with couples and families for many years as an area of personal interest.

As an experienced couple therapist, I take a nonbiased position between couples and help them to express their feelings and vulnerabilities to each other, in lieu of behaviours detrimental to the relationship.